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Only a few years my approach to business was very much along the lines of risk get. I would not take the risk, not at all.
In recent years, I’ve spent more time than ever with taking risks. Talk and meet these people has been, and continues to be, very stimulating. Through conversations I realized that, despite previous beliefs, there was an ounce of entrepreneurship in me. In fact, not a penny, but the seeds and as all the seeds it needs to foster growth. I have been dealing this and then share my energy and time to this.
One key skill that I realized I have to risk management. By avoiding risk so long that I have a keen eye to identify the risks in the first place. What is different now is that I want to take the risk.
Risk is stimulating and challenging. It breeds uncertainty that takes us back to the subject again. I see more and more
[a] to take risks is an absolute necessity in today’s world. There are too many people out there competing with you. They are not just a geographical location, they are global.
[b] take risks can certainly reap the rewards in much the same way that gambling can. Few will though gambling.
[c] the role of Risk Manager will be the key to all organizations from start-up to the world. It is not the traditional risk manager role, however. This is the literal translation – manage risk. To be clear, that means you have to take risks and minimize them where possible and monitor them closely where not.For me there are few better environment to work in other than this. Let’s take a risk, let’s go quickly, let’s get up quickly when we fall, and slip on the same banana skin for the second time.We will all need to take risks in the future as we become more and more globalized. We will work with people we have not met before, in the countries that we have not been to. What I like about the highly anticipated change is how traditional project management and program management – which I have been involved for many years – is going to change dramatically.
Management style will be much more innovative and creative as a direct result of options for Resourcing task and there will be endless. True project managers need to have basic skills team building (search and selection if you want to) and cooperation. Online communities will prevail, communities of practice, task level communities, customers, communities etc etc. points I look forward to working with entrepreneurs and managing teams in this new environment greatly, not everyone will feel the same way.


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